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Suzhou Municipal Social Welfare Home is a comprehensive social welfare institution under Suzhou Municipal Civil Administration Bureau.  It is located at the foot of Tiger Hill, a famous tourist attraction of the city, and covers an area of over 24,000m2.  It was first built in 1710, the 49th Year under Kangxi’s Reign in Qing Dynasty, and was originally named Pu Ji Tang.  After liberation, it was renamed to Suzhou Municipal Social Welfare Home, the main role of which was to assist the government in the support of the old and young disabled who are homeless, or have nobody to rely on, or without any income sources.  Over the past twenty years or so, under the attention and care of the CPC Party and the government, as well as the assistance and support from all walks of life in society, the various endeavors in our Welfare Home have achieved fast growth.  As a result, quite a few entities were established to provide services to the whole society with improved functions, such as the geriatric hospital, senior apartments, the recuperation center for handicapped children, the designated qualification training center for senior-caring practitioners, and the special education center for the handicapped children, etc.
Suzhou Municipal Social Welfare Home has an environment layout typical of both classic and modern gardens’ flavors: the rockery by the pond, pavilion and corridor connect with main buildings, flowers and trees echo with each other, flowers in all seasons, and peace and tranquility.  The life facilities there are complete and comfortable, with a full range of service equipment functions and a professional standard for nursing and recuperation.  Currently, the whole Welfare Home has 700 beds, and various service areas respectively for recreation, recuperation, medical treatment and nursing care, etc.  According to the requirements by the Civil Administration Bureau and Health & Hygiene Administration Bureau for categorized and classified management, ‘standard management, professional services and standard operations’ was fully implemented.  It provides services to the aged and children in a socialized, home-like, whole-stewardship, 3D and personalized way; there are over 300 workers, respectively specialized in nursing, medical, recuperative, recreational, caring, special education and social work skills.  At the same time, it absorbed volunteers from the society to participate in social services, who are involved in activities with social entities, and the aged and children in communities.  Over the past few years, under the care and support of the government, our Welfare Home has respectively launched cooperative projects with its counterparts in development countries, e.g. Holland, Japan and Denmark, etc.  It has introduced new modern modes for the caring of the aged and children, and upgraded the managerial service quality in all aspects.  Meanwhile, it plays a training, demonstration and guidance role for the aged-caring services in all communities of the city.  In 1993, we were credited as a ‘First-Class Welfare Home’ by Jiangsu Provincial Civil Administration Commission, first of its kind in China, and in 2002 it passed the ISO international qualification certification.
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